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Fast Locksmith in Napa, California

Locksmith in Napa, California

It’s been that kind of a day. You were running behind this morning and rushed out to leave when you realized that you left your phone on the kitchen counter. Knowing that you cannot live without it, you hurried back in to get it. You reached for your keys to open the door when it dawned on you that you locked your keys inside your house.

This emergency called for you to ask your neighbor if you could use their phone to cuff a residential locksmith. After explaining your situation, they arrived quickly and helped you with your situation. Finally, you grabbed your keys and your phone and went on your way to open your local coffee shop for the day.

After arriving and checking you’re to do list you remembered that you had called a commercial locksmith yesterday to have them install a new storefront lock that has been needed for a while. You arrived just in time to meet them at the door. The individual performing the work was very professional, being mindful of the work you had to do and even acting as a doorman for any customers that came into the shop while he was working. The way he greeted everyone could make one think that he was an employee of the coffee shop, had it not been for the uniform.

Watching him work, you kept thinking to yourself that a task like that is not on your skill level, and you are glad you hired someone to do this job for you. Can he press a perfect espresso? You thought as you sipped some of yours.

Before you knew it, the work was done, and you had a state of the storefront art lock installed professionally and quickly with little interruption to your business. With peace of mind, you went about your day.

As you were washing the dishes after the lunch rush, you couldn’t help but think about how excited you were for your new lock. That thought was interrupted when you reached down to drain the water when your keys fell out of your left breast pocket and right down the drain! You couldn’t believe it. Embarrassed, you called to have your brand new keys replaced for your brand new lock. Just a short time after your request, a woman arrived to create a new lock for you, using a mold she would make from your new lock.
After she was done, she handed you your new keys and thanked you for your business. There was no attempt by her to make you feel embarrassed or less than intelligent. You shook her hand, paid her and she went on her way.

It was almost closing time, and you headed back to the kitchen to do the final cleanup for the day. This time, however, you had your keys on a lanyard around your neck. There would be no dropping off keys down the drain a second time; you thought to yourself smiling. What a day it has been your thought, as you cleaned the counters, shut off the food display case and then the lights. You then grabbed your personal belongings, set the alarm to the coffee shop and walked outside to leave. After locking up with your brand new lock, you noticed a significant difference in the strength of the lock, and the quality of the replica keys that were made after your careless mistake.

As you reached your car, balancing your belongings and reaching into your pocket, you realize that you do not have your car keys. I must have left them inside; you thought as you went to turn around and go back to get them.
Before you could, a gleam of light reflected off the silver of your car keys as you realized that you had locked your keys in your vehicle. By this point, you couldn’t help but laugh at the day you were having.

Luckily, this time, you did have your phone and called for help.
It wasn’t long before an individual arrived, and with seemingly effortless ability had you back in your car and on the road. Just in time to be late for dinner.

You had been so busy throughout the day that you just realized that all the problems you’ve been having all day were solved by the same friendly, knowledgeable locksmith company. Tap’s Lock and Key Thankfully they served Napa CA.

Finally home, you walk inside and greet your family, locking the door behind you. Keys in hand.