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Top 4 Reasons to Rekey Your Home Today

We all want to feel safe in our homes. Good locks on our doors is an excellent way of ensure that safety, but what about they keys to those locks? Do you know who has keys to your house? We like to think we do, but it might not be as simple as you think.

Did you just move into a new home? Did you have some remodeling done? Have you Lost your keys recently? These are all reasons you may want to change or rekey the locks on your home to feel safer inside.

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Have you bought a newly built house?
If you just moved into a newly constructed home, you will want to rekey your locks to feel secure. Think about how many people have been in and out of the house while it was being built; contractors, suppliers, realtors, salespeople, building inspectors, etc. All these people had access to the keys to your house and still might. When a house is being built, there’s a lot of traffic in and out, and keys get passed around and shared.

Did you have a remodeling job done?
This same reasoning works for a remodeling job as well. Remodeling is a massive headache as it is and you’re most likely to give a key to the contractor, so you don’t have to be there all the time. As much as you may trust your contractor, do you know everyone they might come in contact with who may have had access to your keys as well?
Did someone live in your house before you?

Did you buy a home somebody else lived in? Who had keys to the house when the previous owners lived there? Did they share a room key with family members, a neighbor or a friend or the pet sitter or the house cleaners? Sure some of those people are bonded, but how about all the other people those keys might have been shared with. There’s no way to know how many keys are out there. Wouldn’t you prefer to know who can unlock your front door?

Lost your keys recently?
A huge safety reason to rekey or change your locks is if you’ve lost your keys. For one thing, you may have to borrow a key to get back simply into your home. For another, where are those keys? Did someone take advantage of you leaving your keys somewhere to take them? Were they deliberately stolen? Not knowing what happened to your house keys gives you sinking sensation of dread wondering where they are and who might have them. Even if you find your keys the next day, how do you know they weren’t copied? Hard to feel safe behind a locked door not knowing who has the key.

One key for all your locks.
Another reason to rekey or change your locks isn’t so much about safety as it is about convenience. Do all your door locks use the same key? Do you need a separate key for the garage door and the sliding door off the kitchen and the back basement door? Are you always having to go back in the house, get the one key that only fits that one door so you can open it or do you end up with all those keys on your keyring to keep them in one place? Wouldn’t life be just that little bit easier if you only needed one key to unlock all your locks?

So what’s the difference between rekeying and changing locks?
Rekeying your locks is a simpler operation than changing them. To change your locks, the locks themselves, usually the whole door handle, need to be removed and replaced. A big job. It can also be expensive to replace all that hardware. Rekeying is a job your local locksmith can do easily for you. It’s a matter of only changing the lockset itself. No need to remove the hardware from the door. Once it’s done only the new key will unlock the door, and you can continue to use the original hardware. A lot less chance of damage to the doors by just rekeying the lock.

Now that you have a new set of keys for your home, you’ll feel that much safer knowing who has keys and that you know who will be unlocking that front door.