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8 Myths Debunked About Locks and Locksmiths


So you have just installed one of the most sophisticated locks at home, and you can finally get a good night’s sleep. It is true that a good lock protects your home, especially if your area has escalating crime rates. However besides a good luck, knowing these debunked myths gives you a better understanding of your home’s security and safety.

1.     All deadbolt locks are secure
This is false as different deadbolt locks come in various degrees of security. Grade 1 locks are the most secure, and expensive, and widely used in commercial establishments while the Grade 2 locks are moderately priced locks.

They can be utilized for both domestic and commercial facilities. Grade 3 bolts are the cheapest locks offering minimum security used in cases where some lock is better than not having a lock at all!

2.     Thieves can easily pick any lock
This is not true. While thieves do keep improving their skills, the new locks in the market to keep growing more advanced. However, there are also professional locksmith companies selling high-security locks which are practically indestructible and cannot be picked. So if you are looking for maximum protection of your establishment, these locks are worth buying.

3.     All it takes is a magnet or superglue to remove a broken key
False as most keys are made of brass which does not attract to magnets. Even if it did, the key is held firmly in place by the lock mechanism. Superglue is not an option at all as it not only fails in helping you, it only ends up permanently damaging the lock. The broken key is best removed by a professional locksmith.

4.     A locksmith’s services are needed only when locked out
False as locksmiths can do much more than help when you are locked out. They can install new locks wherever and whenever required and also smoothen rough keys. It’s better and safer for those shifting into a rental property to have all locks changed as you never know who had lived in it before and if they have duplicate keys with them.
A locksmith can help install whichever lock you want for your new home or office. It’s even better to have all the locks of an establishment which have been broken into replaced for security reasons. This is another reason for a locksmith.

5.     Locksmiths are experts and can quickly do their jobs
Everyone needs time, even a locksmith. Remember, locks, vehicles and safes are built to keep people out and prevent unauthorized access, even to locksmiths. Of course, sometimes things may be easy, but in some cases, especially if the lock is a sophisticated one, or ann old one and perhaps rusty, locksmiths need more time.

In fact, the longer it takes them, the more expensive are their charges as they have to use all their expertise to get you back in. So just give your locksmith time; they are trying their best to get things done as quickly and better as possible.

6.     Restricted keys offered by companies are safe.
This is very wrong as most of these keys can be duplicated rather easily. The term restricted’ applies only to the company keys’ distribution policy, and has no relation to its duplication rights.

7.     Key cutters will ask questions about your key and follow no key duplication’ warnings or requests.
This is partly right. It applies only to professional locksmiths who will honor such requests if they are familiar with its manufacturer. Otherwise, the non-professional key cutters you find in hardware stores, shops and malls will duplicate any key if provided with the key bank.

8.     The law protects Do Not Duplicate’ keys
These keys don’t offer additional security to you; in fact, it discourages key cutters from duplicating keys if misplaced or lost. The law has no connection with these keys, and locksmiths or key cutters can’t duplicate such company issued keys.

So the debunking of these 8 myths proves that no matter which lock and key you may have, you always need to know a professional locksmith to help you in the case of emergencies where you are locked out, or your keys are lost. It is also always better to get to know a locksmith well before hand, especially one who is available 24 hours as you never know when emergencies or accidents may happen!

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