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4 Things About Locks That Will Keep You Awake at Night

Quick. What was the last thing you had done before you went to bed last night? If you are like most people, you probably walked around your house to make sure all the windows and doors were securely locked.
The trouble with this is that if you knew how little that single action has to do with the security of your home, you probably would have trouble sleeping last night, or any other. If you don’t believe that, just check YouTube and search the videos for “How to Open a Door Without a Key,” or if you want to have fun, see “How to Open a Lock with a Soda Can.”

Unfortunately, even with the technology being developed that is supposed to keep us safe, burglars will quickly find their ways to beat your best efforts. Your only alternative is to step up your efforts, and hopefully get some input from a qualified and experienced locksmith, who will show you the truth of these important points.

1.     Your door is only as secure as the frame. It doesn’t matter how expensive your lock is, your home isn’t secure unless the frame that surrounds it is made of the right materials and is properly reinforced. The truth is that without these, a well-targeted kick or two can lead to an open door. A good locksmith can show you how to strengthen the frame that is on your door, making it virtually impossible to get through, even with a good kick.

2.     Not having a key will not stop a burglar. No key? No problem, at least for the right thief. Unless you have a high-security cylinder lock such as a Mul-T-Lock or Primus, a thief can pick your lock in a matter of seconds with a set of small tools that you can buy virtually anywhere. And if you don’t have a deadbolt on your door, you can be sure that a burglar can get through it with something as simple as a screwdriver, or even a just a credit card. You should have a deadbolt on every exterior door of your home. You should also make sure that you choose a high-security lock for each exterior door.

3.     How many keys to your home are there? Even if you do loan the keys to your house to other people for use, how many keys do you think there are to your home? When you first moved into your home, did you have the locks changed? If not, you have no idea how many people the previous owners allowed to have keys, and are still able to get into your home on a whim. Making matters worse, it’s easy to duplicate a key these days. Even if you have “Do Not Duplicate” printed on the keys, they can be copied at any time, regardless of whether the owner authorizes this duplication or even knows about it. And even if you have given a key to the housekeeper, what about the valet that you gave your keys to at the restaurant last night? A key can be duplicated using a photo, a key-making app, or even pressing an impression in wax or on your hand can result in a key being made. If you want a key that really can’t be copied without your permission, you should look into having a Mul-T-Lock lock and key.

4.     Do you think your sliding glass door is secure? Think again. With a smooth and quiet jiggle of the lock on your sliding glass door a burglar can lift it out of the lock, then slide it open in a just a matter of seconds. The good news in this is that there are sliding glass door security tools that are tried and true. Locks and bolts that work with sliding glass doors are not only useful but also very inexpensive. Even if you are concerned about someone getting in by throwing a brick through the glass, there are remedies for that kind of situation too. There are films that can add a greater level of security to your drink itself as well.
Your home is your castle, or at least it should be, whether you are at home or away. Regardless your possessions are your own, even though there are people who believe otherwise. You should do whatever you can to protect your possessions as well as your life with extra security.

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